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Hotkeys and Startup


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Hey, first time poster, long time lurker here. I've been looking around on the forums for a while now and haven't seen anybody post something similar to my issue, and I was wondering if anybody here knew anything about this. Or at least maybe I can find out if anybody else has experienced this problem.


Basically, it revolves around setting my G-Keys as hotkeys for things like opening and navigating web browser, or opening 'My Computer.' I have a Profile I set up for basic Windows navigation and utility, so when I'm not gaming these are handy shortcuts to have at my fingertips. The only issue is, if I press any of my G-Keys at all before CUE seems to be fully working, not only will they not function (as they shouldn't) but then after CUE starts up fully, they still won't function. It seems almost random sometimes, where I'm not even sure I pressed a G-Key and yet my hotkeys simply won't function.


Rebinding them, Restarting CUE, and reinstalling drivers haven't worked. And it's been a consistent problem over many iterations of driver, firmware, and CUE updates, so it isn't a simple lack up keeping up to date. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Hello Lendy,


CUE is required to be running in order for your macros or hotkeys to be working properly. Now why it doesn't work sometimes is the mystery.


What is your system specs? Did you have this issue since the beginning or did it just develop? Do you have any other gaming software running concurrently? ( try disabling it)

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