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Corsair K70 RGB - Ticket opened a month ago, still don't have a new keyboard


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My ticket number is 6802039


I had a Cherry Red Corsair K70 RGB. It was starting to double input on several keys despite me cleaning it.


I raised a ticket on the 23rd July.


I was told on the 26th July to RMA it. I did so the next day.


On the 9th August I was told that Corsair would not get any Cherry Reds in until 13th September. I accepted the offer of one with brown switches on the 10th August, on the caveat that if I didn't like the brown switches I could return it.


Now, nothing. It's been 2 weeks, no indication of any shipping, processing, etc.


I just want to know what is happening, and when I'm going to get my new keyboard! I'm being forced to use a terrible placeholder, and its been a month since I raised this ticket initially and I'm losing patience.


Thanks for any help.

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