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K65 LUX - light refraction effect

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Hi Corsair,


I was wondering why my K65 LUX shows that light refraction effect when put into solid color with a lot of white in, like white (:D:).


See Images of other user - clearly see the effect on the numbers 1-9?



My K65 looks the same or even worse and it really bothers me.

To be honest, its a bummer and I already returned it for that reason.


But just for my curiosity - cant this be done without that effect?

The effect is coming from the switches and wouldn't be there if there weren't that much raised from the base - but I like it that they are raised and stand out.

It is visible even with good environmental lighting.


Thank and best


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To create white all 3 RGB leds are lit up, that's why you see that "refraction". You are only able to see it if you are looking at the keyboard from above it thought.


The only way to avoid that effect would be to have a fourth WHITE only LED together with the RGB ones and lit up the white only instead of the 3 separate colors. Doing so adds up to production costs, and so on though.

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