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RAM RMA - Multiple Failed Attempted Deliveries - No Response From Support

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I had an RMA approved to send my RAM back. I've since posted it from Australia and tracking it on my side.


The package has arrived in Taiwan on the 20th August. I can see the courier has since attempted twice to deliver the package with no success.


I was just wondering if there is any issues that I should be aware of? And if there is anything that can be done to resolve this and to avoid a return to sender before assessment. Especially given the high costs to postage between Australia and Taiwan.


I have raised comments on the ticket before, but it appears engaging customer support via that service is not ideal. As for it seems unresponsive. Regardless I'm about to attach comments again on the ticket in regards to this matter.


I've also tried to ringing your customer support, but given the time difference it is a bit difficult. As for each time I ring during my work break hours it is outside of support hours.


Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


RMA No: 6811248

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You're not getting ticket responses yet (and can't reach support on the phone) because we're not open on the weekend. Support will see the ticket comments during the work week.


Same goes for the attempted delivery attempts - they're trying to deliver it on the weekend when we're closed. Check with the courier but they'll probably attempt delivery again tomorrow (and succeed).

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Hi Technobeard,


Thanks for the heads up. I've forgotten the day difference between Aus.


The phone support i understand in regards to the hours. It was more stressing my options are kind of limited to ticket comments because of difficulties between time difference.


I'll see how things go over the next day or two.

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