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No response to ticket even after over month


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I have raised a refund ticket( #6801382 ) because of having multiple failures and can no longer afford wasting money on repeatedly shipping products or have a failed system that I use for work for the long rma process.

First I was promised a reply in 2 weeks. Then they said it is going to take a couple of weeks more, because there are several steps involved. Again no response and now the service representative tells me that the manager has gone on a vacation:D:, cannot tell when he/she is going to be back. I have never heard such a thing in my life, I myself work for a pvt firm and we always have someone to handle the duties or temporarily replace the person on vacation. I mean at this point am not sure whether to laugh or cry after purchasing so many corsair products in multiple builds, the other builds are doing okay so far but if anything fails I'll be stuck for months then.


I really hope someone takes notice of this ticket, I did not want to come to the forum and post this but its a sad thing that after requesting so much no one cares to look into it, I think forum is the only way left?

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I've talked with someone in support and they've researched your support accounts and tickets and sent them to the top of our support department. This research showed that you were never promised a response within 2 weeks but that you were told when that process started and that it takes 2-4 weeks - and that 4 week point is on Tuesday. The support team is in the Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00). Everything is occurring within the specified parameters it seems.


As for the manager being on vacation, the agent said only that he was out of town. Poor word choice by the agent since he was only out for part of the morning.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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