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Corsair Void - Noisy mic mute button


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Hi all,


Whenever I'm playing a game which has its quiet moments, e.g. walking around in CS GO, if I move my head at all, the microphone mute button clicks as its moves in its slot. The mic button is very lose compared to the power button so makes a clicking noise as its moves whenever the headset moves.


Has anyone else noticed this? I'm wondering if the button is faulty, or if this is a general thing? Headset model: "Corsair CA-9011132-EU VOID RGB Wireless". It's quite irritating when you are focused and it kinda breaks immersion.


Many thanks,



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Hi. I have the same problem as you.

I bought two days ago the headset and mic mute button makes noise and moves only when you move your head a little. To the extent that if this silent game you get to hear coming to confuse you with a sound game.

So what I asked in a post below and here you are commenting you, to see if anyone can tell us is that the headset or factory that is a defect that is affecting a number of manufacturing.


Sorry for my English I know nothing, I use google translator.

Greetings and hope answers.

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