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Corsair Sabre is driving me insane


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So previously I had an issue with this mouse where it kept giving a popup saying "CRP Disabled" when I plugged in it. This was fixed when I put firmware in the folder and restarted.


NOW It's being detected as E: Removable USB Drive (Seriously...?). I can't put anything in it, it keeps asking to be formatted, and anytime I do anything to it, I get a notification saying it's been disconnected or stopped responding.


What is wrong with this thing? It never did any of these things until last month and now I'm just plagued with problems, worrying if my mouse will even work when I turn my computer on next time.



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Sounds like the unit went into boot loader mode, thus it is being detected as a removable device. You will need to contact tech support for further assistance. The mouse should not go into boot loader mode again, unless it was forced.

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