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Can I fit the Corsair/MSI 1080 in my case?


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I just built my first pc in the Corsair air 240 case. I have the H100i v2 cpu cooler installed, as well as 2 dominator platinum memory chips, an i7 cpu, and the Asus Maximus Gene Micro ATX motherboard.


Looking at the card i can tell it would fit just fine without the radiator, but i'm not sure where I would be able to mount the radiator/fan. Also, I'm not sure if the radiator tubing would be to tall to be able to put the side cover back on.


Anyone know if this would work or not?

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Not sure which specific MSI card you are planning to use, but as long as the card is under 290mm in length and 120mm in height, it should fit fine in the Air 240 with an H100i V2 mounted in the front. If you plan to run a push/pull setup, this will affect the max length.
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