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h100i fan screws just fell out on their own.

Infected Shogun

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2 screws used to mount the fans to the radiator fell off of my h100i the other day and won't go back on.


didn't over tighten or even touch them at all it must have been from the vibration over time?


can I get screws that will fit or am I screwed with stripped threads?


fan still stays mostly on but is like / instead of --


I use the fans in a push config so they're below the rad.


no performance loss or anything from the fan hanging so far.

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As the screws are steel and the rad alu I'm presuming that the rad is stripped not the screws, otherwise you would just use new screws, right?


You can use PTFE tape on the screws to help make up for the loss of material (thread). Alternatively you can step up in size to M4 (I've done this on one thread before), just make sure you keep it straight as you screw it in and you don't even need a tap. Be sure to clean any alu swarf that is forced out as you don't want that blowing around inside your case.

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