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Keyboard and Mouse settings in Cue are possibly missing


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Hello everyone,


I built a new computer and I invested my time into corsair hardware this time instead of razer (corsair, please make a game pad equivalent to orbweaver!). So far I am super super pleased i have switched products. I have been looking at some presets people have been doing for their keyboards and im wondering if there is an additional media pack to download for more lighting settings. I have been all over cue looking how to combine lights to make certain effects (kind of like a spark effect) and I can't seem to figure out how to do this.


Also does anyone know why the scimitar doesn't have similar lighting effects as the keyboard?

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To combine lights use layers (see picture).


Yeah no i figured that out long time ago, but I've seen some settings that don't seem to do anything (the equalizers) or I've seen videos where the keys look to be sparking with colour.


For some reason my advanced settings don't work, the lights don't come on when i have advanced toggled on so if any of these videos are done with advanced settings this could be the main issue I am having trying obtain the desired results.

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