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Future potential "Brown" Rapidfire switches?


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Hello there.


Would Corsair consider releasing a version of K70 RGB Rapidfire with MX Brown-like nonlinear actuation switches in foreseeable future? Is this planned at all?


The reason I'm asking is that I'm in the market for a new keyboard that would suit both my working and my gaming needs. My work involves a lot of typing, and having tactile feedback such as eg. MX Brown switches' bump is of paramount importance to me. (I have used Reds before and I don't feel at home with them.) Combined with Rapidfire's short travel and fast actuation it would be perfect for my needs in both typing and gaming.


I believe K70 Rapidfire is an excellent choice all things considered, and I would be all over it, if not for the linear-only switches. I'm aware that at least one of the competitors has released a keyboard with fast actuation tactile switches developed by Omron, so at the very least this prospect is in the realm of technical possibility. But I don't like all the other aspects of that keyboard so I would rather wait for a K70 implementation if Corsair/Cherry plan on doing something like that to begin with. (Although I guess I should rather ask Cherry first?..)


I would appreciate any hints or news regarding such expansion of Rapidfire switches, so as to know whether I should wait at all. Thanks!

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Thanks for the response, Henry! But that's a shame. Oh well, guess there's no point in waiting then. :(


Either way, nonlinear Rapidfire is definitely something to look into for you guys, and since you're on good terms with Cherry, please keep pestering them about it (lest Omron and their partners take that niche up entirely). :p



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