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Brand New AX1500i DOA


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Finally received my brand new AX1500i today. Plugged in mains cable and pressed the self test. Green light illuminates and fan spins up. Great.


Put it in the case. Connect everything up. Press the power button and nothing.


Turn standby switch on back of PSU off then on. The fan ticks and that is it.


Remove every cable and PSU from case. Connect the mains power cable only. Press self test, get green light and fan spins up. HHHMMMMM.


Connect 24 pin cable and put cable into my PSU tester. Get fail light, with only 5v recording an indication. All other voltages fail.


Finally came back to Corsair after using a Seasonic 1250X for the new build. Just my luck.


Any ideas? I suppose I now have to RMA.


P.S. The Seasonic tests perfectly with the PSU tester.

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I created a ticket with Corsair. As it was new, Corsair said to send it back to the place of purchase.


Did that. It finally arrived today at PCCG, waiting for them to test and confirm.


At the same time, to minimise down time, I purchased an AX1200i also from PCCG. Received it yesterday. Installed it last night. Self test and PSU test good. System powered up straight away.


Unfortunately it has a buzzing noise only when in 3D game or Benchmark..


Loud enough with the case sides on and system pump at 60% and case fans at 50%


The noise varies with FPS. Definitely not coil whine off the graphics cards. Disabled the cards and put my son's 970 (air) in. Still does it.


It is stated on the Corsair forum that some buzzing/whine is normal................. Also stated (Grey Beard) that for the money it is NOT acceptable. I also tried all the recommendations on the Corsair forums, with disabling "C" states, VSync on/off, Changed the monitor refresh rate etc.


Nothing works.


Dont know what to do

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