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Keys being pressed without pressing them?


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So today I've encountered a problem with my keyboard (K70 LUX blue LED MX Cherry Red). I was playing some games and went out for dinner, once I arrived back it was quite dark so I turned my backlighting up a notch. Once I did this my keyboard began to freak out and will hold down some certain keys like ctrl delete = - [ ] and others I haven't figured out yet. So I turned the back lighting off and my keyboard began to work fine again, until I turned the backlighting on again. I can't type or do anything unless my backlighting is off. I tried uninstalling drivers, restarting PC, unplugging all usb devices, only plugging the keyboard in, switching to a different profile. I'd love some help as I have some trouble typing without seeing my keyboard, and my room is very dark. Any help would be awesome! Thank you!
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