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Change the colour of a key with another key


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Hello crosair friends,




I had a K40 RGB but sadly i was not able (even with forum help) to get my automatic profiles switch colours with the profile. It was not confirmed but i guss that either the software/keyboard is simply not able to do this or the keyboard is just not compatible with Windows 10.


So i gave the K40 RGB to a friend and i bought a K95 RGB. (got deliverd this morning).





  • Colouring


I have set the G5 and the G6 button to switch between my audio devices. But since i always forget on what device the output is i made the G-Keys change colour on a keypress and change back when pressed again.


However, this does not help since if i press one and then the other they light up in the same colour again.



[*]what i need:



So the basic colour of the G-Keys is red when i press one it changes the colour to green. what i need is for example that when G5 is green and i press the G6 then G5 needs to switch to red again and G6 needs to switch to green.


so the G-keys need to switch each others colours.


** is it possible to make one Key switch colours each time it is pressed (3press cycle)?

first press green

second press orange

third press red

4th(repeat cylce) green


and so on



  • Mic mute button

I have a crosair void wireless yellow and i want to mute it with a button of my K95


is this possible?


if yes, pleas tell me how exactly i can manage to do that.




Windows 10 64bit




Version: 2.3.74


Thank you for your time and help.





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1) Not possible with CUE right now, maybe once they implement some "trigger" functionality. James mentioned something might come in a future version but right now we have no details on it.


2) I don't think this is possible either unfortunately, at least I have no seen anything that could do it in CUE. Unless I missed some hidden/obscure function. This is a good suggestion though.

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Thank you very much for your quick replay.


im sad that its not possible at the moment but very happy that cue is still in "deveopment" and is getting more and more fuctions.


Till then ill be patiently waiting for the day every function i seek will get available ^^


Thanks again


have a nice evening

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