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Got a Corsair 100R, couple of issues


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1.) There are only 4 long screws for the fans coming with the case. There are 2 front mounts though. So, question is, why? Where do I get additional screws? Amazon.de does not have them.


2.) I installed 4 fans so far. 1 at the front top (intake), one at the back (exhaust), 1 at the top (exhaust) above the CPU. I can't fit the 5th in until I have the new PSU for smaller cables. I have the TX650W right now. However, since I installed the fan on the top, my temperatures are about 9 degree higher with a few chrome tabs open. Did this interfere with the air flow in some way? Should I disconnect this one for now or change it to intake?


Thanks for any help.

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