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H105 + Silencio 352 Case


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Super short version, you can fit the chunky H105 cooler into a Silencio 352 mATX case. Yay~


Long version...

A few days ago I finally took the plunge for a new PC, read up on everything, checked everything out, weighed up pros and cons etc etc as you do, and finally arrived at a list that fitted my budget and desires (well most of them..).


Everything was sourced locally (Perth WA) and ordered online over the weekend and while I went off to work on Monday (deadlines, ugh) I sent my wonderful wife forth to pick up the parts from 3 different stores across the city.


Everything was going well until the 3rd stop, as when she arrived they told her that the air cooler I had carefully chosen to fit into the mATX Silencio 352 case was out of stock.


A combination of tired wife, cranky 2 year old and frustrated boss meant that I had about 15 minutes at that point to find a new solution. So a combination of time pressure, lack of research and a fatalistic sense of "what the hell" made me choose a Hydro H105 (budget? what budget?). The store did tell me I had 3 days in which I could change my mind and return it, which helped the stress levels a little.


TLDR; shorter version

I couldn't find anywhere (including here) any mention of whether or not the Silencio 352 could fit the H105. It CAN fit 240mm radiators, but the only reviews/forums post that I saw included the thinner radiators (53mm?) where as the H105 is a fair bit thinker.


Well I would like to announce that this little mATX case can (and currently does) fit the mighty H105...




... with a few minor caveats.

1) you need to remove the HDD bay hanging down below the 5.25 inch bay at the top of the case, the hose inlet and outlet on the radiator need to go there.

2) You will probably want to remove the HDD cage screwed to the bottom of the case too. The cooler will fit with the cage in place, with about 1mm to spare, but it blocks the bottom half of the radiator, impeding the airflow.


That said, there is still room for 2 SDDs on the motherboard tray and you can also get a little creative and attach the small single HDD cage that you removed from the top of the case to the floor of the case (just in front of the PSU) with some velco strips, providing both sound dampening and excellent cooling for the HDD.


My H105 is now snug inside the case as an intake in a push configuration, and I still have plenty of room for a 1070 graphics card.


Very happy camper here!


Hope the info helps.

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Question 2, does the ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX-GTX1070-O8G-GAMING 8GB card (what a mouthful!) fit into the Silencio 352 case with such a beefy cooler in place?


The card measures in at 30cm long (!! my last card was a Radeon 5850.. so small.. lol) and with the H105 installed in the front of the case there is 32cm of clearance from the back of the case to the front of the radiator.


So, yup, the 30cm ASUS Strix 1070 will fit nice and snug, with enough room to attach fan cables to the fan headers on the end of the ASUS card, if you so desire.

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Last night my daughter and myself install our ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX-GTX1070-O8G-GAMING 8GB card, which in theory should have fit.


And it did! yay. With just under an inch of space between the end of the card and the face of the radiator.


So to summarise:

- mATX motherboard,

- Silencio 352 mATX case

- H105 Cooler

- GTX 1070 graphic cards




- 1 extra case fan


All fits nice and snug.


Temps to follow, when I get brave enough to turn it on on the weekend. But I'm not expecting anything other then 'cool'.


Fingers crossed


(I can take some pics if anyone is interested).

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The correct thickness of the H105 radiator is 38mm


System temperatures look fine


Oops, my bad. Brain fart on my part with the width...


Had a nice long gaming session last night (rare these days... kids... wife... life ... etc) and it ran beautifully.


The pump/liquid gives a tiny little *squirt* noise occasionally which is a sound I need to get used to :D: first time I heard it my brain just went "OMG LEAK!! PANIC, I'M A TEAPOT, TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF" Luckily my lethargy stopped me actually moving and the more rational part of my head (such as it is) realised that it is just the liquid moving about with the odd little bubble perhaps.

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