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Strafe USB 2.0 why arrows first?


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Use both connectors when using USB 2.

Important Note: Plug in the connector with the two arrows icon first, and the connector with the keyboard icon second.


This lacks explanation in the manual! If I understand it correctly one of the USB cables takes care of the data-exchange between the keyboard and the motherboard and the other gives additional power. In the manual Corsair says it is important to put the one with the arrows in first. However, Corsair neglects to explain why. What happens when you don't do that?

I would guess that the arrows indicate that it taces care of the data exchange and that the other cable with a keyboard icon drawn on it gives the additional power in which case the keyboard would be underpowerd when you connect the other cable first but why does that matter if you don't use the keyboard until you have connected both cables?

Can it damage your keyboard if you put in the wrong cable first or is (Corsair seems to suggest that by putting this warning in bold but I wouldn't know why unless there would be a design error in the PCB) or is the worst thing that can happen that your keyboard doesn't function properly until you restart your computer or deplug the cables and plug them in the right order?

Obviously I assume you put in the cables when the computer is running. Otherwise it wouldn't matter, that much is obvious. ;)


I have searched the forum with "arrows" in the title. No result.

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No, just plug both cables in the order you want.


The order was important for the original K65/K70/K95 RGB keyboards because those needed to connect first the POWER cable and then the data one (if you used USB 2.0 it required both cables for power). Plugging in the data cable on those would not make them recognized by the OS since there wasn't enough power for them to boot up.


Most likely they left it in the manual by mistake for the Strafe, the second cable in the Strafe is for the USB pass-through and not for power. You can connect the cables in any order and it won't matter, I've never had an issue with it on my Strafe RGB.

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