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New user CUE1 or CUE2?


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I'm picking up my new strafe rgb keyboard tomorrow and just saw that CUE2 is now in beta. As a new user to the corsair RGB system, would you recommend I use CUE1? Or CUE2 so that I'm ready for when the update leave beta?


Is it possible to move cue1 profiles over to cue2? Or would you have to set everything up again?

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So I picked up my keyboard and set up CUE 2. I've been watching a number of videos on CUE 1 and it seems like some big features are missing (e.g. modes)


Would it be wise to adopt CUE 1 on a permanent basis just to get those features back? Or will CUE 1 support be dropped once 2 is released?

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I wrote way too much so....




Try cue2 first. It does have some bugs.


I find it to be way more stable and input lag free when it comes to switching profiles and executing macros.


Use cue1 if you need to rebind the left mousebutton



I believe cue1 is easier to use.


You click on the button/key you want to change and get a drop down menu.

In the drop down menu, you can assign it an action you have already created or make a new action for it.

The best part is you can rebind the left mouse button.


Cue2 is difficult to navigate after using cue1.


You must create an action, whether it be a macro or just changing it to function like a different button/key.


You then assign the action to the desired location by...

First clicking on the action then clicking on the button/key.

You cannot click on the button/key and assign it an action.


No action can be used twice, so if you want to rebind f1 to 1 and f2 to 1, you must create 2 actions that do the same thing.


Modes are gone, which sucks, but that didn't actually change anything. They were just profiles inside profiles. They made things easier. Lets pretend with cue1, you had 5 profiles, each with 4 modes. A total of 20 modes. In cue2 you just have 20 profiles, but can only see the first 5, to see the others, you have to use a horizontal slider. It would be much better with a vertical slider on the left side, where you could fit anywhere from 10 to 15 profiles there.


With Cue2, you can change the size of the window, which was a common requested feature. However as of right now, changing the size will not drastically increase the amount of profiles you can see. The minimum size you can make the window might actually be larger than cue1, and you can only see 4 profiles before using the slider. Making the window larger will allow you to see 5 profiles, but 5 is the max, at least on 1920x1080.


Improvements I have noticed in cue2:


Cue2 allows you to create an action that can toggle a Key/mousebutton.


Lets say you want to rebind the f2 key to act as a toggleable w key


You press and release a the f2 key....

W is now pressed down as far as a game is concerned.

You press and release a the f2 key a second time....

W is now released as far as a game is concerned.


To be more accurate the W key is considered in the pressed state once you press the f2 key. The release of the f2 key doesn't really have an impact besides needing to do it before you can press it again.


You can remap a key to act as if you holding a key down for x seconds.

This seems like something that can be accomplished with a macro, and it can.

However I noticed some things when using that feature.

Lets say you set TAB to Act as if A is held down for 3 seconds.

You hit tab...A will be held down for 3 seconds. Cool.

But if you press and release the actual A key after you hit the tab key, it looks like this:


Press Tab -----A is in Pressed state

Release Tab (unimportant as far as I can tell)

lets say 1500ms has gone by

Press actual A key---------nothing happens but lets say it is held down for 100ms

Release actual A key-----A key is released then immediately goes back to a pressed state for another 1400ms


Totaling 3000ms.


Im not 100% sure, but I think in cue1 if you made a macro and set the option to allow interruption and then resume, it would restart the macro. and would look like

A is pressed for 1500ms and then relased

A is pressed for 100ms and then released

A is pressed for 3000ms and then relased


Totaling 4600ms.


Anyways there are tiny differences when trying to do certain things.

As far as I can tell, both are unable to obtain this scenario:

hit a macro button, during said macro, hit the macro button again to queue up the macro so it goes off after the first ends.


cue1 had an option to queue next macro while playing, but could only queue a different macro, which would need to be set on a different button as you couldnt change profile on release of the macro button.


Cue2 allows you to start a macro on button press and change profile on release. Which would allow you to queue up a macro after the profile change, but the macro gets cut off and stops when you switch.

If you set the macro to be uninterruptible, the profile switch doesn't happen unless you released the key after the macro finished.


Anyways, try cue2 first. It does have some bugs.


I find it to be way more stable and input lag free when it comes to switching profiles and executing macros.


Use cue1 if you need to rebind the left mousebutton

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Cue 2 has caused nothing but problems for me. My strafe rgb and M65 mouse keep malfunctioning every hour or so and i am not able to switch my polling rate to 1000hz or the keyboard malfunctions. I am really considering switching to cue 1. Cue 2 is an absolute mess.
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