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H100i V2 and metallic thermal pastes


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I have i7 5820k running with H100i V2


Lately, I happened to notice that the CPU can be hot sometimes.

So I was seeking options to cool it down and the Metallic Thermal pastes came to my attention


The Liquid pro states that DO NOT use on metal other than copper ( they mentioned other compounds with copper but i dont remember..).


I understand that the H100i v2 has a copper plate but the screws that are holding the copper plate is just regular screws..


I wonder if this could cause any problems.

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I think most AIO's are going to have a copper alloy plate to make them more durable. Whether or not this matters for the TIM, I don't know. However, all of the metallic compounds come with an element of risk, one I don't think you can really justify for the thermal results. The initial application can be difficult and full scale disaster is not out of the realm of possibility. Using it when you delid is one thing, but I am not a proponent of using it for every day TIM.


The other question is whether the TIM is the limiting factor. Having run a less than stellar 5820K for a while, I am not sure that it is. What is your general delta for CPU core temperature over water temperature (H100i Temp)? This number is voltage and to a lesser degree, TIM dependent. How much does your water temperature increase from idle to load? That is something you can address with fan speed or a bigger cooler.

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