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Brand new RM850i chirps on starup


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Hi everyone,


I just installed an RM850i into my 2-week old PC build, as my previous CXM550 didn't seem to be enough.


Everything works fine, but on every boot, something chirps briefly when I hit the power button. Just one chirp, and everything starts fine. Is that something that I need to be concerned about? The one brief chirp doesn't bother me other than if it might be an indication of a problem, so I wanted to check.


Also, when I run the Corsair Link, there's this rhythmic soft thumping sound, and every other thump a white LED pulses near the front of my case. It was annoying, so I turned off Link. Is that normal for it to do that? Red LED on the PSU was flashing while Link was on as well. That's a bit annoying, as Link is part of the reason I got this unit...


Any thoughts on the above would be a help. Thanks!

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Does the chirp correspond with the initial fan spin?


As for Link: What were you using Link to monitor/control? Just the PSU?


As for the blinking red LED: That simply means the PSU is communicating with Link.

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