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RGB Led Strip Flicker / Flash


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Does anyone else have a problem with the Link LED kit flickering or flashing to a much brighter light? when attached to a commander mini?


When I set the LED color to white it almost appears like a camera flash going off in my case at times.


I am running corsair link v4.2.4.25


I've connected the light strips to each other and then connected the two extension cables together and ran them to the commander mini behind the motherboard tray. All the cables are securely connected.


I have one strip stuck to the front of the case and one to the floor, the one on the front of the case seems to be the one doing this the most.


Edit: If I set the color of the LEDs to green the flash is whiteish blue in color.

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thank you ray, I searched the forum for posts about it before I posted but I didn't seem to find anything.


This thread makes me highly disappointed, the issue is known and over a year old yet no fix.


And it's not the only one :mad:. Look at http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=864149 when itemises other issues and links to the broken promises to fix them.

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