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Corsair h110i GTX noise issues


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Hi guys, just build a new rig with a corsair h110i GTX.


This is my first build with an AIO liquid cooler so it might just be me but my h110i gtx is super super loud.


The only way I can achieve a respectable noise level is if I put it on quiet mode in corsair link.


Balanced mode is LOUD and performance mode is just insane it seriously sounds like a jet engine.


Is it normal ? My pc is directly next to me too so maybe it plays a role with the noise levels.


Any thoughts ? I feel something is wrong.

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The fan control for the unit is based on the water temperature inside the system, referred to as H110i GTX Temp in the Link software. Water temperature is always going to start with your room temperature + additional retained heat inside the case. That becomes your effective idle water temperature plus whatever heat the CPU deposits into the system. At idle, the last part is fairly nominal and the fans will remove that low amount of heat at any speed. The issue is those fan curves were developed with an approximate 20-23C room temperature in mind. So if it's Summer, you have a hot case with hot GPUs, or both, you may be starting at a fairly elevated water temperature. At 35C, the software thinks you have quite a load on. Quite true if your starting temp was 23C. Not so much if it was 33C to start with. Look through the beginning of this thread where I suggested a couple different ways to come up with your own curve. Most people can get by with the standard curves in cooler months. Hot summers and multi-gpu set-ups require a little fine tuning.
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