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How can I make media macros with multiple keys?

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Hey there guys, it's my first time using CUE and I got at it right after the major update, so there isn't a single tutorial on the internet to help me, as it seems.

I come from a Roccat Kone Pure to a M65 Pro RGB and what I want to do is:


Forward + Left click = Previous music

Forward + Right click = Next music

Forward + Scroll = iTunes volume

Forward + Backward = Pause music

Backward + Scroll = Windows volume


But when I choose "Media" on the shortcut, it only allows me to select one key, how do I select multiple keys? And how can I select the left click? It's greyed out.


It's pretty much binding a "second mouse" when the side keys are pressed, that's called "Easy-shift" on Roccat's software. That's pretty much essential to me.


And where can I find a good tutorial for the new CUE for other questions I may have in the future?

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