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Downgrade M65 RGB firmware?


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CUE 1.7 is way too old, why do you want to use it? Is it for the effects on the mouse? It was removed in 1.8 if I recall right.


I would go ahead and use CUE 2 beta instead if that's your goal ^.


I actually upgraded straight to CUE 2 from 1.7 but there are too many issues with it:

- Doesn't seem to have "Gradient" in the drop-down menu under lighting effects setting I spotted somewhere in this Corsair forum

- Cursor teleporting on CUE startup and sniper mode (the fastest way to reproduce cursor teleporting from sniper mode is to mash it while moving cursor)

- Causes ping fluctuation/internet dropping


I feel like downgrade and wait for CUE 2 to get out of beta.

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