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H55.. the death rattle begins?


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today my h55 started making some noise. it has made noise in the past, but not this loud and it usually went away after a short time. this rattle has persisted almost all day..


it just rattles. occasionally (well, it has happened twice in 8 hours) there will be a sudden "whoosh" and it'll go quiet for a few seconds, before rattling again. sometimes it is very loud, sometimes it is quieter.. but even then i can still hear it faintly from under my desk. seems to get louder when the heat turns up, but it has never made such noise in however long i've had it.


i know the older h55's were prone to a manufacturing flaw, but i do not believe this is an old one.. is there any way i can be sure which version i have?


and then beyond that.. suggestions on what to do? i'm pretty sure it is still under warranty.. is creating a ticket and getting an RMA / replacement the only real option?



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