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[Build Log] Still needs a name

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Hey guys,


I just got all the parts of my new rig.

So I figured why not make a build log!


Lets start with the Components:



Corsair Carbide Air 240 Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX Cube - white



ASUS Maximus VIII GENE, Intel Z170 Mainboard - Socket 1151



Intel Core i5-6600K 3,5 GHz (Skylake) Socket 1151



Corsair Vengeance LED Series, red LED, DDR4-3000, CL15 - 32 GB Kit



XFX Radeon RX 480 Black OC Edition, 8192 MB GDDR5



Samsung SM951-NVMe SSD, PCIe M.2 Typ 2280-D3-M (NGFF) - 256 GB

Crucial MX200 2,5" SSD, SATA 6G - 500 GB

Toshiba SATA 6G, DT01ACA300, 3,5"l - 3 TB



Corsair HX750i High Performance PSU - 750 Watt

CableMod C-Series AXi, HXi, TX/CX/CS-M & RM Cable Kit - red



Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H100i V2 AiO

Corsair SP120 PWM Quiet Edition Twin Pack Fans - 120mm

Corsair ML140 Pro LED Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan - 140mm red



Pictures will follow on Sunday!

If you have any advice for the structure of the log feel free to drop a line


Also I am looking for a name for this build, please drop suggestions too!


I got all my parts from http://www.caseking.de

Since this is my first build I sadly have no sponsor and paid it all by myself.

Fun Fact: I now know that my bank card has a limit of 2000 Euros.

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Hey folks


Like promised I managed to take some pictures of all the components.

Some I unpacked some not.


Please ignore the date on the pictures - I forgot to setup my Minolta Dimage Z5 correctly.

Please feel free to comment on picture quality and shoot me improvments.


Lets get started!


The Case:



The Board:



The CPU:



The Memory:



The GPU:







No pictures of the Toschiba since its still sealed in the vacum bag and it is after all a mechanical drive so nothing new ;).



Well I did not use 140 Fans before, so I got to say, damn is that a huge fan.



What I found nice is the SP 120 Twinpack is a actual Twinpack.



And of course the AiO CPU cooler.





Did not unpack it yet.


here is the link to my imgur album with some more pictures.



Thanks for your time.

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Late last night a bad feeling kept creeping up.

Why the **** did you order a 140mm Fan?


So I got up and checked.

Well turns out I can't fit it anywhere in the case.


Guess I was just to excited that my go-to retailer had them in stock that I did not check what size they are.

So I have to return it. :(


Sadly they only have the new ML 140s LED PROs and not the 120s.

Lets see if they can get them in.


Lesson learned: Always double check your order!

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Hey fellows,


there is a very crazy idea creeping up in the back of my head.

the idea is to turn the GPU by 90°.

To do that I need to remove the PCI Slots and one of the 80mm fan grills.


Any of you have advice for that?

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Hey guys.


I actually finished the build yesterday.


Still in process of cleaning up.

What do you do with the boxes of the components?

Throw them away, keep them?

I normally keep the mainbord box and put every manual, warranty paper and driver disc in there.


Pictures follow later today.

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