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New physicial Link module in 2016?


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This could just be speculation but recently I've decided to upgrade my PC and I've been more attracted to Corsair's accessories and the products that they offer. I've tried a few places to acquire a corsair link module(commander mini) but even amazon uk isint selling them.


Could we see a new physicial corsair link module in 2016 possible to work with the new ML fans and the soon to be SP & HD120 rgb fans?

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DONT BUY IT!! I am regretting my purchase, should have gone with NZXT's HUE+ for lighting, I believe they also have fan controllers or its built in?? Either way Corsair does not support their products, they literally left this thing dead in the water.


Not only are the cables too small to accommodate my cable management in my PC but also this is Corsairs response to me when I asked if they sell their cables seperately



Unless you like soldering and/or buying the RGB lighting kit and a USB header extender cable don't expect to have good cable management either that or you can hang the corsair commander mini somewhere in your case like a tree branch. ALSO don't even get me started on their terrible software, you have to completely close the app in windows in order for any LEDs attached to it to not randomly glitch out and I noticed the fans do the same, I feel like this is an issue related to the green power button on the top right that randomly turns yellow when it does it.




This is disappointing considering that I usually stick with corsair for everything now days , their quality is top notch but in this case it seems like just a failed experiment.

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