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PSU RMA Instructions?

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Hi, my RMA request for my PSU was recently approved. When I clicked

on "Return Instructions", I was presented with the following:


Carefully read and follow the Corsair Product Return Instructions below to ensure the returned package is accepted by Corsair. Poorly packaged, damaged packaging or insufficient package labeling may result in the returned package being refused and returned to the sender at the sender’s expense.


Package Labeling:


Your RMA# & Return address must be clearly marked on the outside of the returning package.

Print this page and use the top half (fold or cut at the bold black line) as the return address label by securely taping to the outside of the returning package.


Packaging Instructions:


DO NOT return any Corsair product in a standard mailing envelope.

Proper return packaging includes either a padded envelope sufficient to support the product size and weight or a standard shipping box with stuffing to minimize movement during transit.

Coolers: Please note to include all fans, pump and the radiator when packing your defective unit. Missing parts will cause your RMA request to be rejected.

Memory: Please note to include the whole set/kit even if only 1 module is defective. Incomplete sets/kits or mismatches will cause a delay in your RMA request.


Shipping Carrier:


The consumer is responsible for return freight costs to Corsair. We recommend shipping your product with a carrier who provides tracking and insurance options. Corsair is not liable for lost or stolen packages.


Corsair Replacement Comment:


Upon receipt, Corsair will verify that the contents of the package match with your original RMA Request and either process your replacement order or notify you of any receipt discrepancy which will affect your replacement order. Allow up to 48 hrs for this process.

Your replacement order will be shipped via UPS services, FedEx services or DPD Services (UK only).



Thank-you for choosing Corsair!


If you have any questions regarding your return please contact Customer Service at:

TF: 888-222-4346 or Local:
M-F, 7:00AM to 5:00PM PST,


What I'm not clear on is whether I should include the power cables with my power supply when I send it in for the RMA.


Could somebody please clear this up for me?

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