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Corsair H45 and pump voltage


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Hi guys, I bought a Corsair H45 for tests and now I am selling it. The question is -- it is noisy (a lot) with the pump at 12v as you can see in this post as well.


Is it OK to keep the pump at a constant 3000rpm (it runs around 4200 at full) or it is designed to run at max speed? Because at 3000rpm it quiets down a lot, perhaps as silent as the H60 pump (which is mostly inaudible).


So the of rule of thumb for water cooler pumps is to don't vary the rpm (therefore having the option to run it lower) or to leave it always at max (therefore having only the option to run at max)? I am not so sure which one is correct.


I ask this because a buyer is asking me about the noise. If it is OK to keep it at a lower / constant rpm, the pump can run quiet. Otherwise I will advise him to stay away from the H45.


I appreciate any inputs.


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