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Possibly wrong Carbide 600Q Cooling setup with H115i


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Hi All,


I can't decide on the best cooling layout for this inverted case.


I have the H115i water cooler and 3 stock 140mm fans + PSU140mm fan which does not spin most of the time. I can force it stay on if necessary.



My current setup doesn't feel right. I have the water cooler installed on the front location as an intake (2x140mm fans), 2x140mm fans at the flat bottom of the case as intakes and one 140mm fan at the lower back of the case as output. I enabled the PSU fan to spin all the time at 40% speed just to have another air output at the top of the case


This setup gives me 4x140mm air intakes and 2x140mm outputs.


(also my video card is MSI 1080 with a dual fan cooler that does not blow air out of the case)


I would welcome some suggestions on the best quiet and efficient fan layout for this case.



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How did you decide on the front intake for the radiator versus the "bottom" as exhaust? Was there a fit issue? Your current configuration can certainly work, but the radiator will always massively restrict the front intake air supply and sucking in air from the bottom can be disastrous if you sit on carpet. With the front unhindered, your intake versus exhaust flow should be a bit more naturally balanced. In theory, having the radiator on the bottom should muffle those fans a bit. Since the radiator fans are usually the loudest in the case, that may have some value and you wouldn't need to be concerned about the surface material either.
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Funny, I didn't remember the product page with those photos. This is the image I had in mind with the above described strengths.


Yes, I am probably going to go with that configuration. it will put my radiator/fans deeper into the case (hopefully quieter) and exhaust should be easier on the radiator fans.

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