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Binding "automatic profile switching"

Jade Curtiss

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I love to have auto profile switching on to use different profiles when I launch games. I have so many non-gaming profiles that look cool and it's hard to choose a default, so I've been binding some of my 12 Scimitar buttons to hot swap to different profiles so I don't have to scroll through a big list. I can set a button in CUE to swap to a profile, then set the same button in the new one to go back to the previous one, effectively making that button a toggle, but when you manually swap profiles, it leaves that one on until you turn auto back on yourself. As far as I can see, the option to go back to auto mode is not in the direct profile switching list, nor is the ability to keep manual mode from "sticking."


Can I bind auto switching to a key? It's annoying having to go to the very bottom of a big list of profiles just to turn it back on.

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