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Beeping And Loose Control


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I'm currently gaming on a Corsair combo of the RGB Strafe keyboard and Scimitar. I love it. In particular, I have a auto-run and auto-hit macro programmed into the Scimitar. The problem is that there are times particularly when I might mix up the auto-hit / run buttons where the mouse seems to lock up, I just hear system beeping, and I'm stuck auto hitting. Sometimes, I can get out of it by either toggling between profiles and pressing the assigned auto-hit button. Most times however, I have to actually reset my computer - this is a HUGE problem because I like to play multiplayer games like Ark which continues to go on even if you log off. So if I have to shut down my comp because of this error while I am in the middle of a dangerous area, my in-game character simply passes out whereever I was and anything or anyone can come by and kill me while I reboot the game.


The way I have auto-run programmed is a macro that depresses the W+shift keys for the max allowed delay (90 seconds I think?). Auto-hit is similar in that it loops a left mouse click depress.


Anyone else running into this issue or have a fix for it? I continue to use these macros since the benefit, at least so far, has outweighed the cost. But I've also been lucky so far and have not died and lost valuable items when I've logged back into my game.

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