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Corsair Strafe left Shift size on azerty version


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Hello there, i'm using a Corsair Strafe azerty version and i have a question about the shift size on the left side.

On the pictures on the internet and the packaging, it seems like the qwerty version has a large Shift key on the left side, for me the shift key is very small and in betwenn shift and W (Z for qwerty keyboards), i have the " > < " key.


I would very much prefer to have the larger shift instead of this "> <" key i never use, it hurts my little finger after few hours of videogame that i have to extend so far to reach the key.


Is there any way for me to fix this problem? Or should i buy a qwerty version of the keyboard?

Is it possible for me to exchange it for exemple?


Thanks in advance for your answers! :)

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the numbers behind the keyboard are : P/N : CH-9000088-FR

S/N : 005615447308

here is a picture of the layout : http://imgur.com/ZwUk3nQ


As you can see the shift button is half sized compared to what is on the picture of the US qwerty keyboard; i suppose these are the azerty europe standards but to play videogames this is truely bad... I would MUCH prefer to have a full sized shift bar ! Any chance i can get a key that would overlap the "<>" button ? Or would you recommand buying ANOTHER keyboard using the US qwerty layout? (i'm from france but tbh i'm not using this <> key at all and the half sized shift button hurts my little finger a lot)

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Due to the placement of the two keys, giving you an ANSI left shift key will not fit because of the stems of the switch. If you like the larger left shift key, purchase a US layout and then remap your keys to AZERTY. This is the only solution i can think of at the moment.
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