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led colour does not switch with automatic profil


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Hello everyone,






Today I received my first crosair keyboard which is a K40.

When I bought it i thought it can be implemented in the CUE software but i was wrong and it has its own software. At first I was a little bit disapointed since i wanted to combine my already exsisting profiles for the cimitar (mouse) and the void wireless (headset). But after installing the K40 software I realized that the keybord also has automatic profil switching when assigned to a program (path.exe). So I was happy.. until*




*I detected that when I set the different profils to different colours and have them assigned to automatically switch when a program (.exe) is started, The colour wont change.

I checked it with the G-Keys - The profiles are switching and everything works except the colour wont change.



The automatic switch is displayed with the info on the right corner of the screen (this needs to be manually checked in the software) and looks as followed: Start game X with profile X -> Info = profileX/M1 || Start internet with profile Y -> Info = profileY/M1

As mentioned before the funtions of the G-Keys are switching with the profile but the colour wont change.




Is this a bug on the software, my OS (Windows 10) or the K40

Or did they really not include colour switching when changeing profiles????

When I hit the M-Buttons the colour switches to whatever it was set in te software (However hitting the M-Buttons does not switch the profil it always stays on the the same profile [M1: profile1/M1 or M2: prfile1/M2]). Why does it not funciton with the profile changes when assigned to a program (path.exe)????





Please help


Thank you for your time and effort in advance.


Have a nice day

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Hi, thank you so much for your fast response.


Current specs of the K40 Keyboard:



USB Keyboard:

VID: 0x1B1C

PID: 0x1B0e

Manufacturer: Corsair

Product: Corsair K40 Keyboard

Firmware: 1.00

Windows: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit


First steps after purchase:


I went to the crosair hompage and downloaded the software provided for the raptor K40.

There I can only set the colour for the whole keyboard (which works fine). There is no option to change the colour of a single key.


After reading your post:


Since you mentioned the firmware I tried to find it on the crosair homepage but I was not able to find one. So I went through the crosair forums again and tried this:

http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=126864 (I also tried downloading the firmware from other websites)


However, after installing die firmware software and clicking on "update firmware" an error " set firmware updated failed! " appears and my Keyboard goes dark and the three LED's in the right upper corner keep blinking.


When I unplug the keyboard and plug it back in it works normal again and the Software is still the same.


I think it is because of my OS? Windows 10 64bit.

I read something about the firmware not working on win 10?

Does the colour change with the automatic profile change work with the K40?


I hope there is a way so i can get my colour change to work with my profiles


thanks again for helping me

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Hi, thanks for your response!


So does that mean that I can update the firmware of the K40 on a system with 8.1 or lower and then plug it back into my pc with win 10?


I will try that as soon as i find a device with 8.1 or lower.


I'll keep you posted.



thanks again

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Hi again,


I found an old notebook with windows vista and I was able to install the firmware (successfully).

I was way too happy, because I tested the automatic profile change on vista and even there it did not change the colour.


I went back on to my pc and obviously it would not work there either.


So maybe the Keyboard K40 does not have the capability to switch the light depending on the automatic profile switch.


Would be nice to get confirmation if this is even possible with this keyboard.


guess i have to switch keyboards then...?

if anyone knows more let me know



thanks for your help

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