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Corsair Void weird mic sound every restart


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Every time I start windows, the microphone of the Void (USB) sounds bad, it's like a robotic voice modulator or sound very very lossy. The solution is to disconnect the USB cable and connect it again, then everything works normally. This happens to me since I have this headset, any solution?


I have another computer without CUE installed and it works fine. I did reinstall windows but the problem started to happen again.

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I have the same error, it is extremely frustrating.


I found another way to fix it rather then reconnecting the USB each time:



Right click audio thing near clock on bottom right

Click Recording Devices

Go to the properties of the headset microphone

Click Advanced

Change format to CD quality if it is on DVD or DVD quality if it is on CD

Click Apply

Change it back to the other format

Click Apply



For mine I change it from DVD to CD then back to DVD and it gets rid of the modulated lispy robot. Very annoying to have to do this every single time my computer starts but it is easier/faster than unplugging/replugging and waiting for detection.


I'm also not on the latest firmware because the latest firmware makes it so the headset appears to be dead.


I'm on Windows 7 64bit.

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