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Corsair Sabre RGB 10k dpi. RAINBOW FREEZ MY MOUSE.


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software version 1.16.42 . I am trying to update the firmware but it freez at 3% look at down image


yes . the mouse is like new . i bought it 1 month ago...

first time when i installed the mouse driver and i wanted to change the color mods i saw that the oly one that work ok it.s solid color... because it.s static color.. if i use a dynamic code like color swift or rainbow it.s freezing my mouse . i was trying to find alot of troubleshooting tips but still don.t work :'(

sorry for my english :D

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Change from usb 3.0 to usb 2.0 if u have the same problem with me.. i think this is not for all motherboards but for me that.s the problem :) I was thinking that the mouse is broken :) Now all my color mods work and mouse don.t freez on rainbow or color swift or anything and i can update the firmware :biggrin:
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