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My OCZ 550w psu went out in a blaze of glory saturday so I went to best buy and bought the CX850M psu on sunday. After having a heart attack over that 8 pin cpu connector until i realized it's 2 4 pins stuck together, i had everything plugged in and running.


There has been constant erratic faint clicking sound coming from it ever since I turned it on. It does not become louder or happen more frequently when I play games or stream videos. Nothing in the system is unstable. I will say that I cannot get the power cord from the wall completely into the psu. There is a small gap,maybe a centimeter, that prevents it from being flush. I didn't want to force it too hard in case i broke something.


I'm just worried since the OCZ literally caught fire and gave a terrifying pulse of light when it died. I'm thankful it didn't fry any of my components. Seemed odd to me that a brand new psu would be clicking all the time, or at all.

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