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K70RGB Lux auto profile switching


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I'm thinking about picking up the K70RGB Lux and have a few questions about the auto profile switching feature


My plan is to set up different profiles for each of my games, but also for each of my day to day applications. For example, if I'm programming I want to highlight different keys in different colours to indicate some commonly used shortcuts


Now, usually I have multiple applications open at the same time and switch between them often. How well does the automatic profile switching work in practice? I've read numerous threads/sites about how auto switching can be temperamental, but its the main reason I'd be buying this keyboard. My expectation is that the colour profiles switch automatically as soon as I bring a new application to the foreground - does it work this well in reality?


I also havent been able to see this keyboard in person so I cant see how bright the colours actually are. If I have 2 keys next to each other but coloured differently (e.g. blue and green) will it be easy to distinguish the colours during the day time/when the lights are on? (I know the colours are brighter on the Strafe, but mainly interested in the K70 here)

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