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K95 RGB not functioning - Caps/Num/Scroll lock lights flashing


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Hi all,

I have just purchased a K95 RGB keyboard.

However, I am having great difficulty in getting it to work.

Every time I open Corsair Utility Engine I am prompted to update the firmware of the keyboard. Every time I do this the firmware updates and I get the "success" message, the keyboard then turns off and does not turn back on...


In order for the keyboard to be back on I have to unplug it and plug it back in again. However when I do this all the key LEDs are off and I cannot turn them on, I also cannot access profiles within CUE and I am prompted to update the firmware once again. Sometimes after doing this I can type, but the caps lock, number lock and scroll lock lights are constantly flashing together. I have tried the polling switch and different ports, but the keyboard is essentially dead or functions in a primitive form and has no CUE functionality.


Has anyone else had such a problem with the K95 RGB? Thanks.

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