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H100i v2 - Profiles ignored


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Hello, me again...


I tried Prime95 now with the quiet profile, balanced, my own (fan minimum unless 40c then 60%) a no matter the profile I choose, after a while, the fans goes at full speed.


Just tried to group the fans to the CPU Package temp (which was at 60c) instead of the H100i v2 temp. For the fans to start, it was correct, on the quiet profile, 40c and up, fans runs, but at 60% supposed, yet they run at 100%, like 2400 rpm.

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Supplementary info:


I've connected the H00i v2 the way the manual say.


Fans on the y splitter and the other wire on CPU_FAN with the usb cable on a usb header.


However, in my modo, q-fan controls are all set to disable.

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