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Corsair 540 Front Bay HDD Adaptor ?


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Just wondering but would some type of adapter work for the front bay so I could put 1 or 2 hard drives in there ?


Reason I ask is I got a midplate made for the bottom of the 540 where the SSD/HDD are usually installed and as 4TB SSD's aren't exactly cheap I can't afford to go an all SSD system just yet.


Any info would be appreciated

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Yes, You can use any 5.25 hot-swap caddy or standard adapter bracket to allow mounting of 1 or 2 HDD in there.


I have a DVD Drive in one space and this Icy-Box IB-176SSK-B - Trayless Mobile Rack

in the other.


But of course there is a vast array of choices on the market and that is all yours.


Brilliant thanks, May get that one you linked then, Just what I'm looking for :):


Repped !

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