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The power supply restarts continuously, the self test has always been green, if I do it with all attached makes a click and it does not matter if some detachment cable side and the green self seprate test never a red , and peeling off of the 24-pin half and crushing self test and power pc pc side and everything is perfect , if you restart no problem but do not turn it off by hand .

Ideas ?


Thank you.

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As can be seen by my system Specs, I have an awful lot of Hard drives and only ONE video card.

Since a recent corsair Link update I've noticed that if I power my server down using the power button and then turning it on again, the system gets so far and goes into a power cycling loop. This loop is a duration of around 3 seconds or so , So it powers up runs for a few seconds and then shuts down...

Removing /disconnecting a couple of Peripheral connectors (ANY two) and the machine will power up as per normal, once it has goten past the 5 second mark I can replug the other 2 peripheral connectors into the PSU and the system continues along it's merry way, powering up and all is fine.


BUT if I turn it of then the same issue repeats over again. MOST frustrating.

I bought this PSU some time ago and initially had this issue. My previous PSU which was only 1000W didn't have any issues like this at all.


I'm just wondering if that although the PSU can handle Video card loads as it's designed to. But those loads are not initial but come during game play. Knowing the initial start current to spin up 21 Hard drives can be quite substantial. But then again after a few seconds the drives have spun up and the load is reduced, then WHY does it shut down???


This just gets weird. So hopefully someone can help.



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