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Potential CS850M issue


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Hi All!


I bought a CS850M PSU about a year ago, and I am having some issues and wanted to check that my gut was right, and it's the PSU, or if any additional troubleshooting is needed.


The issue I'm currently experiencing is that when I do things that cause significant load on the system, playing games (FFXIV), the power appears to cut out and the system restarts. Thermally everything appears to be OK and I don't see anything going over 40C. I've checked the system logs and nothing except an unexpected shutdown is listed, the restart happens without a BSOD so no hints there either.


The only thing I have noticed is that when my computer is idle my 12V rail sits at about 11.904 according to CPUID HWMonitor which is low, but within the range of expected values. However once I load up a game it will drop to 11.7 and sometimes dip to 11.6. My hunch is that it sometimes drops below 11.6, but I don't see that because when it happens my system restarts. The 5V and 3.3V rails stay pretty constant at 5.1 and 3.3 respectively.


Are there additional things that could be causing this restart with no OS errors? Additional debugging/troubleshooting I could do?

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