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VS1GBKit400 - Random BSOD's and Restarts


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Hi all.


I'm having some trouble with my newly built pc. Every now and then it will restart or bsod on me (around once a day). I know its the ram because with my other sticks it dosent do this.


My pc setup:


AMD 64 3000+ (Not o/ced)

MSI Neo2 Plat, nForce2 Chipset

200gb HDD



Newest Bios Version and latest drivers for everything.


Memory Setup:


2.5-3-3-8 @ T1

HT: 4x


I read some other posts and played around with the settings, but nothing seems to have fixed it. I've noticed that the ram is running at 201mhz instead of 200, could this have anything to do with it?


Also, i've run 2 Memtest86 tests and they came out with no errors.


Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it :)


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Welcome to the forums, CuBie!


FYI, the MSI Neo 2 Platinum, s939 mainboard runs on the nForce 3 Ultra chipset.


If you've run, say, three full passes with Memtest86+ and perhaps tried the Windows Memory Diagnostic without errors, then the modules are probably alright.


Are you sure you've got VS1GBKit400 instead of the C3 version?


Did you try running only a single module for awhile?


Are you running these modules in dual-channel mode?




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ah sorry i got the chipset confused. I'm sure its the C2.5, the modules are running in duel channel.


I havent tryed Running 1 Module at a time yet, or Windows Memory Diagnostic. Should i try running the comp with 1 of the sticks?


Thanks for the help,

Chris. :):

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Since i've set it to T1 from T2 i havent had any problems, but its only been a few hours. Ill leave my pc on overnight with the current settings, if in the morning its bsod or rebooted, ill try single channel.


Thanks alot for your advice :).

Ill post whats happened tomorrow.


Chris :).

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