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W10 AU and CUE having issues


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Specifically with fast boot enabled in the power options.


When its enabled, remapped keys do not type (they work fine if you undo the remapping) and eventually the keyboard will crash and just default to an all yellow profile, and CUE will report a device malfunction.


This does not happen if I disable fast boot.


Did not happen before anniversary update. I can repeat it 100% of the time without fail.

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So, based on what you said, it doesn't happen if you disable the FAST BOOT option on your motherboard right? That might help Corsair track down where the issue is.


No, fast boot in Windows power settings.


Fast boot on the motherboard has no effect on this.

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Just to bump this up - the problem has escalated.


Since the first fresh boot after the latest Windows 10 update released this week, the issue now happens regardless of whether or not fast boot is disabled.


Remapped keys do not work any more.


If I close CUE, the keys at least work but obviously with the default mapping.


If I try to change the remapping in CUE, CUE stops responding. I've done a clean install of CUE and made sure the board is on the latest firmware.


Nothing helps. Please look into it Corsair.

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Same problem here but not sure if its related to fast boot. Im on win 10 64x Pro. I have deferred windows updates. Im on OS build 10586.589

I do not know the cause, but there are times when any key that has been remapped will stop functioning. attempts to remap etc will cause cue to freeze.


Using the installer repair feature temporarily fixes the problem until it happens again. Going to add/remove program and choosing repair also works.

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