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Incorrect Key input when using Advanced lighting


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New Build PC, when using any of the advanced lighting profiles, ie rain/wave keys that are not pressed will register inputs.


CUE v 1.62.42

F/W 2.04

Boot loader 0.14

Status : Works normally


For example, pressing W and D at the same time will register an E input. This is inconsistent, but if you mash the keys it will register an incorrect input. As you can see from the switch hitter log


46:30.0190 W (0x57, BIOS 0x11) UP -> 483ms

46:30.0351 W (0x57, BIOS 0x11) DOWN

46:30.0379 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

46:30.0404 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) DOWN

46:30.0529 Space (0x20, BIOS 0x39) DOWN

46:30.0729 Space (0x20, BIOS 0x39) UP -> 201ms

46:30.0761 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) UP -> 358ms

46:30.0764 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 386ms

46:30.0765 E (0x45, BIOS 0x12) DOWN

46:30.0786 E (0x45, BIOS 0x12) UP -> 21ms

46:30.0816 W (0x57, BIOS 0x11) UP -> 465ms

46:30.0917 W (0x57, BIOS 0x11) DOWN

46:30.0952 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) DOWN

46:30.0969 E (0x45, BIOS 0x12) DOWN

46:30.0987 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) DOWN

46:30.0992 E (0x45, BIOS 0x12) UP -> 23ms

46:31.0079 Space (0x20, BIOS 0x39) DOWN

46:31.0241 S (0x53, BIOS 0x1F) UP -> 289ms

46:31.0247 Space (0x20, BIOS 0x39) UP -> 167ms

46:31.0302 D (0x44, BIOS 0x20) UP -> 316ms

46:31.0351 W (0x57, BIOS 0x11) UP -> 434ms


Each of those E entries the key was not pressed.


This is pretty consistent in that if you press two keys to the left and below, the key next to them will be registered, and seems to be most of the board.


However if change to Standard lighting setting this fault goes away. Same if I uninstall the CUE.


I've tried reinstalling, forcing a firmware refresh, changed the polling rate to all the options, it stays. I'm not sure if its a hardware or software fault. I want to say its not hardware simply because its only on this advanced setting, but I really like the Rain effect :)


Do I need to RMA the keyboard or is this a bug and I'm SOL?

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