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Share your macro / hot key keyboard layout


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K95 Platinum

G keys 1-15 are remapped for distinctive keystrokes, for application recognition.

G16-18 are currently Calculator, Email, and Text editor launchers.


Scimitar Pro RGB

G keys 1-12 act as mouse buttons, for application recognition


Main cleverness is that I use three profiles. Primary one with static purple lighting, reactive concentric rainbow ripples, and a redefined WINLOCK key which does a profile swtich to a profile that disables the WIN keys and colors them red. Both of these profiles have a TIMER action bound to the enter key, where the timer is restarted whenever I press enter, and when it expires, there is a profile switch to a DARK profile, which turns off the lighting to all my Corsair devices, and has redefined every key (retaining original keystroke) to switch back to the default profile.

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