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Corsair h45 loud and high rpm


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Hey all!


This is my first time having a watercooler AIO so I have some questions regarding this. I bought the Corsair h45 due to it's price but Im starting that might have been the wrong decision as it's making a lot of noise.


So I was wondering, as I got the h45 paired up with my Asus maximus vIII ranger motherboard, is it okay to reduce the waterpump RPM? It's currently on stock 100% which is 4667 RPM constant and with the asus AI suite I can reduce it, which reduces noise but I'm not sure if it's healthy for the waterpump and I would like to know more about it.

If this is not possible then I might return it. I was thinking of getting the H80i v2 but if it makes the same noise it won't really be beneficial. Does anyone have experience with that cooler?


Thanks in advance!

- Tim


Video of pump noise


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Hi Tim,


Did you find a solution to this in the end? I am having the same problem, the cooling is great as far as I can tell, but the pump or fan or both are rather loud.


In my case I'd describe it as a kind of buzzing sound.


If you or anyone has any advice please let me know!

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