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Macro interrupted by other keys.


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Hello there,


Can someone explain me why macro (toggle on/off) is interrupted by pressing other keys (w, arrows, space, doesnt matter what)?


I have set macro that is doing simple [enter, ctrl + v, enter] and i have chosen option to toggle with 5 secs of delay between runs, then i assigned it to the key.


Macro works perfectly fine when i dont touch the keyboard, however when i press something it looks like the timer of "delay between runs" is reset, so when i use any other keys macro is not going to continue utill i stop pressing the keys, then the delay timer will count the full lenght (in this case 5 secs) and will continue to run macro.


This behaviour is very strange!

For instance when i do the same macro within the razer synapse, no matter what i click it's still doing the macro every 5 secs.


Am i missing something?

I am very disappointed with the app anyway.

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