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Having issues with my keyboard

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I bought this keyboard during the amazon prime day sale, and I've been loving it ever since. However, today it started to go haywire and in the middle of using it it just started using random keys without the being pressed. After restarting, it now won't respond and the only thing that lights up is the three lock keys. I'm wondering if this is an electrical problem, or another one that I can fix?
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Which keyboard do you have? Please provide us with the part number on the underside for further assistance. You may also want to call into tech support and have them guide you through a hard reset.


If CUE recognizes the keyboard, try forcing an update to see if that will do the job.

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HI i may be late but i had the same issue...


Is your keyboard in BIOS mode? if so change to a DPI

if it is not updating, disable device lighting in CUE software and then set keyboard to DPI 8 and force update.

have you got USB 3.0? then only use the cable with the keyboard logo


The CUE has been out for years and for some reason its still not that good, the software lets the keyboard down and make it look bad, please do something about CUE, Corsair im begging you

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